Colombian Supremo SWP Decaf Coffee

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Colombian Supremo SWP Decaf Coffee

Grown high on the slopes of the Colombian Andes, Colombian Supremo coffee is renown for its pleasant acidity and smooth finish. A medium to full bodied coffee with overtones ranging from nutty to fruity.

Colombian Supremo Coffee - Decaf

The Colombian Supremo coffee is a perfect balance between acidity and richness. Smooth from beginning to end, this popular classic holds up to its name. With a delightfully smooth and light body, the Supremo is described as balanced and fruity. Presenting a strong aroma, the Andeano Colombian Supremo is medium-sweet in acidity, a perfect cup to enjoy at any time of day.
More than 6,700 coffee growers work together to bring customers the finest Colombian coffee from the region. Andeano coffee is grown without synthetic pesticides, chemical fertilizers or herbicides that could be potentially harmful to the consumers' health and to the environment. The farmers then harvest the coffee beans and only select the finest beans for drying and roasting. 
The Coffee growers are the true artists behind a delicious cup of coffee, they care for their crops with deep devotion. Their expertise and deep knowledge of the art of growing and processing coffee has thrived for generations in Colombia.
This Colombian Supremo coffee is a swiss water process decaffeinated coffee. Colombian Supremo coffee is also available as a regular coffee as well as a unique Peaberry coffee.