Costa Rican Tarrazu Peaberry Coffee

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Costa Rican Tarrazu Peaberry Coffee

Temporary out of stock will be available in April. Try Brazil or Columbian Peaberry.

Famous for its rich body, acidity and sweet and spicy overtones, Costa Rica Tarrazu is a complex and complete coffee experience. This variety is a Peaberry coffee. Pura Vida!

Costa Rican Peaberry Coffee

One of the finest coffees grown in the Tarrazu region.  The Don Roberto coffee plantation is located in the small high mountainous region of Tarrazu in central Costa Rica with coffee at an altitude of 4,200 to 5,900 ft.   The estate enjoys a unique microclimate with the ideal growing combination of volcanic soil, temperature, sunlight and moisture.. The use of herbicides and pesticides is eliminated through the manual removal of weeds and the use of natural processes.
When the coffee is ripe, the plantation employs up to 600 coffee picking staff for the 'La Fiesta de Cafe' or 'The Coffee Festival' - a time of good weather, hard work and well earned pay.   The coffee produced is referred to as a 'classically complete' coffee -- a sweet aroma, full body, medium acidity and a delicate clean aftertaste with hints of nuts, spices and sweetness. 

Coffee plants produce their fruit in the form of a coffee cherry. Typically, the coffee cherry grows two halves of a bean within a single cherry. Sometimes the coffee cherry produces a single bean rather than two beans – this is known as a Peaberry. From a coffee drinker’s perspective, Peaberry coffee beans are much smaller in size than typical coffee beans. Since only one bean rather than two are formed, Peaberry coffee beans are said to be more robust in flavor and more acidic (good for taste) than regular Arabica coffee beans. Peaberry coffee by its very nature is rare as only 5% or so of all coffee beans harvested are in the Peaberry form.