Exotic Peaberry Collection

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We have collected five of our most exotic Peaberry coffees in a convenient package.  Enjoy the rich tastes of Peaberry coffees from around the Americas, Africa, Asia, and Indonesia:  this new collection features our Malawi and Cameroon peaberries from Africa, our El Salvadoran Peaberry coffee, a rare South American coffee from Guatemala and one of our newest additions -- Papua New Guinea Peaberry.  Makes an ideal gift for committed Peaberry coffee drinkers or for adventurous coffee drinkers.
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Coffee plants produce their fruit in the form of a coffee cherry. Typically, the coffee cherry grows two halves of a bean within a single cherry. Sometimes the coffee cherry produces a single bean rather than two beans – this is known as a Peaberry. From a coffee drinker’s perspective, Peaberry coffee beans are much smaller in size than typical coffee beans. Since only one bean rather than two are formed, Peaberry coffee beans are said to be more robust in flavor and more acidic (good for taste) than regular Arabica coffee beans. Peaberry coffee by its very nature is rare as only 5% or so of all coffee beans harvested are in the Peaberry form.