Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry Coffee

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The most sought after coffee in the world. Our Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee from the Wallenford Estate is famous for its unusual sweetness, refined taste, balanced body and intense aroma. Now, try Jamaica Blue Mountain as a Peaberry coffee.

Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry Coffee

Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is one of the most sought after coffees in the world. The undisputed King of coffee has been satisfying coffee connoisseurs around the globe for more than two centuries and is famous for its exquisite flavor, good acidity, a clean refined taste,unusual sweetness, excellent body and intense bold aroma.
Coffee found its way to Jamaica in 1728 when Sir Nicholas Lawes, Governer of Jamaica, imported Arabica seedlings from the Island of Martinique. The new home was a natural and coffee production expanded. Government support and instruction in the art of cultivation allowed the industry to develop in reputation and quality.
The Jamaica Coffee Industry Board was established in 1950 to maintain and standardize the quality and consistency of Jamaican coffee in a world class manner. Jamaican coffee is hand picked and supervised at every stage of pulping, drying, hulling, sorting and grading. Every export shipment is "cup quality" tested by certified tasters on the Coffee Industry Board staff.  All shipments of Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee must be approved and certified by the only certifying agency, the Jamaica Coffee Industry Board.
This extraordinary coffee is grown in the majestic Blue Mountain range in Jamaica reaching approximately 7,402 feet at the highest peak, thus making it is one of the highest grown coffees in the world . An incredible mix of rich soil, cool and misty conditions, high rainfall and good soil drainage combined with expert care and stringent quality control grows the smoothest, richest and best coffee in the world.     Read more about Jamaica Blue Mountain Peaberry coffee.

Coffee plants produce their fruit in the form of a coffee cherry. Typically, the coffee cherry grows two halves of a bean within a single cherry. Sometimes the coffee cherry produces a single bean rather than two beans – this is known as a Peaberry. From a coffee drinker’s perspective, Peaberry coffee beans are much smaller in size than typical coffee beans. Since only one bean rather than two are formed, Peaberry coffee beans are said to be more robust in flavor and more acidic (good for taste) than regular Arabica coffee beans. Peaberry coffee by its very nature is rare as only 5% or so of all coffee beans harvested are in the Peaberry form.

World Trader's roasters have combined 30% of the renown Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee with other fine mountain grown coffees.  This mix is recommended by Blue Mountain Coffee experts.
Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee is blended with our smooth and buttery Hawaiian Kona -X Fancy coffee and rich Costa Rica Tarrazu coffee.
Our smoky Guatemala Antigua coffee and vibrant Kenya AA coffee is mixed with Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee.